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46th BCS Preliminary Question Answer 2024

46th BCS Preliminary Question Solution 2024 (100% correct)

The much awaited 46th BCS exam was held with the participation of more than 3 to 3.5 lakh candidates from 8 divisions across Bangladesh. Today is the very first stage i.e. preliminary test exam. Meanwhile, the exam started at 10 AM and was completed at 12 PM. As soon as the exam is over, the question papers are collected and the solution is in progress. Those of you who want to solve the question stay with this short article of ours. Through 46th BCS Preliminary Question Answer 2024 you can see 100% solution of each question. Let’s start the main discussion.

46th BCS Preliminary Question Solution 2024

You all are aware that BCS recruitment is conducted in total three phase exam. The first stage is preliminary test i.e. mcq, the second stage is written i.e. written exam and the last third stage is viba or oral exam. The very first phase of BCS is going on now i.e. Preliminary Test MCQ Exam. According to the pre-fixed schedule today, April 26, the Akta exam started at 10 am and completed for two hours at 12 pm. In this article, we congratulate those who are returning home after participating in the answer test and are trying to find the question solutions online but can’t find anywhere.

Because we can assure you that we will be able to present the question solutions as soon as they are completed. In the past days, we have uploaded all the exam question solutions first through this website. So stay tuned and read the article and collect question solutions.

মাইক্রোক্রেডিট রেগুলেটরী অথরিটি লিখিত পরীক্ষার প্রশ্ন সমাধান ২০২৪

46th BCS Solution 2024

MCQ question series of total 200 marks were arranged for BCS Preliminary Test Exam. Which lasts for 2 hours. The syllabus from earlier mentioned that each candidate will get one mark for each correct answer. On the other hand, 0.50 marks will be deducted from the total marks obtained for each wrong answer. So only those of you who have used your intelligence and skills to solve each question absolutely correctly can hope to survive the 46th BCS Preliminary Test Exam.

46th BCS Preliminary Test Answer 2024

Basically, our article related to solving this question is to make this task easier for you. In this article we will provide the exact solutions of all questions held today. On the one hand, you can see the correct answers to the questions as well as the answers to the questions that you could not answer at all. We sincerely believe that this will add some new numbers to your merit list. The work of solving the question is already underway, we will attach it to the article as soon as the solution work is completed, inshallah. 46th BCS MCQ Solution 2024 - ৪৬ তম বিসিএস সমাধান

46th BCS Exam Question Solved 2024

As soon as the exam was completed at 12 noon, we collected the question papers and started solving them. You all are aware that the 46th BCS question paper 2024 has been prepared based on a total of ten subjects. There are many questions on General Science, Bengali, English, Bangladesh Affairs, International Affairs, Geography, Computer and Information Technology, Mathematical Reasoning, Mental Skills and Ethics. As the syllabus is pre-determined only those who have given more priority to these subjects and appeared for the exam with a little special preparation have just another chance.

46th BCS Question and Answer 2024

Thank you to those BCS candidates who spend their time to collect BCS preliminary mcq exam question solutions from our article. Bangladesh Public Service Commission will release BPSC 46th BCS Preliminary Test Result soon. We will publish the related article on the site as soon as the results are published. 46th BCS Preliminary Question Answer 2024, Don’t look wrong. Stay well, stay healthy, and forever be unemployed.

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