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PSB Security Guard MCQ Solution 2023

Palli Sanchay Bank (PSB) Exam MCQ Question Solution 2023 Pdf

PSB Security Guard MCQ Solution 2023
PSB Security Guard MCQ Solution 2023 is finally prepared for you. PSB Security Guard MCQ exam was held today on 24 November 2023. The examination is held simultaneously in several educational institutions of Dhaka city. Are you a candidate participating in the said examination for the post of Security Guard of Palli Sanchay Bank? So surely you are searching online i.e. Google whether there is a solution for Security Guard MCQ Exam? That yes is finally prepared 100% answer to the said question. Read today’s article and find out the answers.

PSB Security Guard Mcq Solve 2023

Congratulations to all of you who participated in the MCQ exam for the post of Security Guard on 24th November 2023. Finally with the end of the exam we collect the answer paper and the small effort to find out the solution is on its way. The last exam starts at 11 am and it ends at 12 noon. This one-hour exam consists of a total of 100 questions. Where there was no mark as negative mark. Since the end of the exam, I am drawing the attention of those who are running here and there to find the solution. It is mentioned that 564 manpower will be appointed for two posts in the recruitment circular published by Pally Savings Bank.

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Palli Sanchay Bank Guard Mcq Solution 2023

About five thousand 192 candidates participated for the post of Rural Savings Bank Security Guard. Since the end of the exam who are busy solving questions and wondering how to know how many questions have been answered correctly? Then read today’s article to the end. As soon as your test is over, we collect the payment and our team is engaged in solving it. Solving the remaining questions has been completed. Check how many questions you got right from the question solutions shown below. If any question solution is proved to be wrong then definitely tell in the comment box.

Security Guard PSB Question Solve 2023

All of you are aware that said Savings Bank has mentioned that they will hire a number of manpower in total two posts in their recruitment circular. In continuation of that, after verifying the online application process, the said department published the date of written exam today on November 24, 2023. North Security Guard Post Exam is held at Dania College Dhaka. Next article is prepared on our website related to Security Garden Exam Result and Viba Exam Date.


For so long we have tried to present before you Palli Sanchay Bank Security Guard Post Question Solution. If you have benefited even a little bit from the article then definitely share it more and more. PSB Security Guard MCQ Solution 2023 . In our confidence, you definitely want to know whether you can be finally selected in the MCQ exam by solving a few questions. I ended the article by wishing everyone health and longevity.

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